Competence in dealing with our customers




... our values are by no means modest: we
place great value on the quality technical training and qualification of our
employees at all our locations.


Our corporate philosophy clearly defines the values to which we are committed. We are
particularly attentive to our values in the selection and training of our
people, engaging well-qualified personnel and making sure we only pick individuals
who will uphold our values and reflect these to you, our customer.


As part of our employee development programme, we require and assist the on-going
training of each of our employees.

To satisfy every need of our customers while also reducing staffing costs, we make use of so-called Qualified Helpers.


Qualified Helpers can be deployed in several situations: for example as Wing Walkers during
Pushback; as hall service providers to ensure a supply of clean ground support equipment;
they can assist mechanics by refilling liquids and gases, refuel the aircraft
or run courier trips during AOG jobs, and much more, all as part of our comprehensive
service concept. Our mission is to provide you all these services at low cost.


In the end, our services are only as good as our staff: our Qualified Helpers.

That’s why we continually train our employees in the implementation of the latest

regulations, school them comprehensively in aircraft technology, and brief them on
occupational safety. We also adhere to a “non-reprisal policy“. Knowledge,
practice and skill give you the peace-of-mind that lets you place your trust in
us day after day.


We pass your trust on to our staff, so they are empowered to do their best.


Day-Nightstop Assistance - Qualified Helpers


Service Hours and Range of Duties


      Service Hours

Arrival at the Nightstop

30 Minutes (or as
otherwise specified) prior to the
respective aircraft being “on block“, until handling agents have completed
their tasks (airport, catering, cleaning), and closing of the passenger door or
service door (as applicable) -- at the latest, however, 3 hours after “on block“.


Departure from the Nightstop

At least 45 minutes
(or as otherwise specified) prior to the planned departure time, the contractor
is to open the passenger door or service door (as applicable), to allow the handling
agents and service providers (loaders, catering, cleaning, etc.) to complete
their tasks.


Duties – Arrival at Nightstop

The P.A.C. crew.
Assumes controle of the aircraft. At this point safety and security obligations
are transferred to the contractor, who is also responsible for ensuring access

Supervision of
baggage unloading, catering unloading and aircraft cleaning. Thjs also entails
a quality check.


Check the aircraft’s
technical logbook for any concerns entered therein.

Report any
inconsistencies/issues to Maintenance Operation Control.

In any event, any work orders from the respective
      flight day should be communicated.

(Telephone number / Fax– see contact details)


Execution of the
Nightstop Service (Checklist)

After all required
activities are completed, the aircraft is to be left with doors closed and
without active power supply.


Duties – Departure from Nightstop


Receipt of the
daily-updated status report from Maintenance Operation Control at a
fax machine made available to the employee, and incorporate into the Status
Report folder.

(Telephone number / Fax– see contact details)


Completion of Nightstop
Service (Checklist)

Opening of the
passenger door and access control (airport ID) of service providers (loader, catering,
cleaner, etc.). Turn on air conditioning.

Monitoring / supervision
until crew arrival, with subsequent handover of the A/C to the crew, including status

Transmission of the
completed Nightstop Service (Checklist) to Maintenance Operation
Control (by fax).


During performance of duties, the contractor must be continuously available at the
telephone number provided in their contact details.


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